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The Waterford Ladies Golf Association, better known as WLGA, aims to stimulate interest and participation in the game of golf and to promote comradeship and enjoyment among its members. The league offers a lot of opportunities for fun, friendship and great golf, whether you play from the Welcome Schedule Membership 4 tees or the 5 tees. We arrange weekly competitive golfing events and social gatherings in welcoming and equitable conditions that encourage full member participation.

Membership Benefits

Waterford Ladies Golf Association (WLGA) is a welcoming group of 90+ women golfers of all abilities. We play every Tuesday morning, alternating between the three nines at Waterford Golf Course in Venice, FL.

We organize a variety of games each week and several major tournaments during the season. View our schedule.

All players must have a USGA Handicap. If you don't have one, you can set it up through the Pro Shop.

Interested in joining us? Just click on Membership Application for more information.

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Waterford Golf Club
(941) 484-6621
Charlie Darbyshire, Golf Professional

Course Ratings
Gleneagles/Turnberry: #4 Tee: 70.2/117 | #5 Tee:66.3/108
Turnberry/Sawgrass: #4 Tee: 70.0/116 | #5 Tee: 66.7/108
Sawgrass/Gleneagles: #4 Tee: 69.4/115 | #5 Tee: 66.0/109

Waterford Ladies Golf
(To the tune of “Side by Side”)

Oh, we can’t get a par or a birdie,
All of our golf clothes are dirty.
But we play right along, singing our song,

Don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow,
Hole in one, chip in or sorrow,
But we play right along, singing our song,

Through all kinds of weather----
Sunny, hot or cold,
Just as long as we’re together,
We’ll never really get old.

To be healthy enough to be outdoors,
Why should we fret over our scores?
We just play and we play, every Tuesday,